Simple jersey top

This will be a very quick one. It’s just a simple jersey top, but I’m loving it at the moment, so I thought I’d share a couple of pictures. Luckily the sun came out today and we were able to snap a couple of photos before having a picnic by the river.

After all the wedding dress sewing, I was in desperate need for a quick sew. I had ordered this viscose jersey on a whim from FC Fabrics without a clear plan of what to make from it. It’s like a leopard print in summery colours and while it’s not my usual type of print, it’s been the perfect feel-good pattern. The jersey has quite a lot of body, maybe a little bit too much for this shape but then again it made it super easy to handle. I’m not the biggest fan of sewing jersey. I’ve had bad experiences in the past, my machine eating up half the garments, but this one was a breeze to sew up. Instead of trying to use my twin needle (which I’ve never really managed to use successfully) I decided to hem everything with a triple zigzag stitch. The neck is finished with a band which I stitched down with a small stretch stitch.

Since I don’t really have any tried and true patterns for jersey tops, I decided to just copy an old H&M top which I’ve had for ages and wear to death. While tracing the shape I realised how ridiculously off grain the original was, an issue I have with many H&M tops. With this version I luckily could make sure that everything was cut perfectly on grain. The pattern of the top is quite simple. Three quarter raglan sleeves, a curved hem and a tiny pocket (which is practically invisible but makes me happy).

I really like how it turned out and have already worn it a lot. While I might have to tweak the upper sleeves a little bit next time, the fit everywhere else is great. It’s a flattering shape and goes well with my many Ginger jeans.

I’ll leave you with some sun-filled pictures, hoping that spring has finally decided to stay and we’ll get many more evenings like this.

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