Hi there, I’m Edina and I love to make things.

Coming from a family of engineers (I’m one of them) and artists I was always surrounded by creativity (and the chaos that comes with it). While my siblings have inherited the artistic skills I was always more the crafter, covering everything from knitting, collages, jewellery making, fabric printing, dying etc. And while I still do those things occasionally I have found my true passion in sewing.

I learned how to sew when I was little. I still remember a tiny green hand-powered sewing machine that we used to sew patterns into paper. Throughout high school I had several sewing courses where I learned basic sewing skills from quilting (definitely not my forte back then) to garment making (a white sleeveless turtleneck jumper, rather questionable but it was the late 90s after all). And while I made the occasional fancy dresses (for graduations, weddings etc.) and some refashions (I love thrifting) sewing was still only one of my many creative outlets. My love affair then started 8 years ago with a BurdaStyle magazine from the flea market. Fearlessly choosing an intermediate tunic pattern with button placket, mandarin collar and cuffs, I spend several hours decrypting the Burda instructions and produced a surprisingly wearable blouse. (By the way I’m totally pro-Burda, too many beautiful design options to pass up!)  After that experience I was hooked and became obsessed with everything sewing related. This passion certainly was fuelled by discovering sewing blogs as well, a source of endless inspiration.

So why start a blog? After years of reading sewing blogs I was drawn to the idea of having my own space where I can share my projects and track how my sewing skills and my style are developing over time. So you can expect lots of sewing related posts here, with the occasional DIY thrown in.

Oh, and the name… I have to thank my good friend Harriet for that. I am originally from Germany but lived in the UK for 4 years. One day she complemented my clothes and told me they were cool because they had “the German edge”. While I wouldn’t consider myself very fashion forward I loved the expression and when I started to think about a blog name this was the first thing that came to mind.

I currently live in Karlsruhe (Germany). Let me know if you live in the area, I love to make new sewing friends!

Hope you enjoy!

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